Moving supplies

We have all the necessary packing materials for your move. We deliver the packing materials conveniently along with moving boxes directly to your doorstep. With the right moving equipment, your move will be quick and safe

Rental of moving boxes at 0.15€ per box per day.

Dimensions are L: 60cm, W: 40cm, H: 30cm (volume 52L).

You can save time during the move by packing all loose items into boxes. Don’t overfill the moving boxes. Consider the weight of the items you’re packing. Overly heavy boxes are difficult to carry and handle. Remember to leave 4-5cm of space at the top of the box so they can be stacked on top of each other and easily moved with a hand truck. This makes loading the moving truck faster, easier, and safer, and your items will arrive intact. Make sure to reserve an adequate number of boxes for your move; a good rule of thumb is 1m² = 1 moving box.

Stretch wrap for 15€ (150m x 45cm)

Stretch wrap is a useful packing material for both household and commercial moves. It can often be used in place of tape, such as sealing cabinet doors by wrapping the film around the cabinet. It doesn't leave adhesive residue. The film is also suitable for protecting items like sofas or beds.

Bubble wrap for 20€ (10m x 1m)

Convenient for packing fragile items. Cut to the desired size. It's excellent for protecting items like paintings, glass shelves, flat-screen TVs, vases, and furniture.

Dish paper for 12€ (50cm x 75cm, approximately 100 sheets)

Dish paper is excellent packaging paper for dishes, intended for packing items like plates, cups, glasses, and vases.

Plastic bags for 5€ (200L, 10 pieces)

With plastic bags, you can easily pack soft household items, such as clothing.

Corrugated cardboard for 15€ (0.5m x 10m)

It's used, for example, during a move to protect floors. It's also excellent for other types of protection, such as protecting furniture.

Clear packing tape for 4€ (5cm x 66m)

It adheres well, for example, for sealing and reinforcing cabinet doors, boxes, packages, etc. The tape's natural rubber adhesive doesn't leave residue.

Protective tape for 7€ (0.5m x 33m)

With protective tape, you can secure items like floor protection and tie down furniture during the move. The tape doesn't leave residue upon removal, and it's easy to remove without tearing. For sensitive surfaces, we recommend conducting a test!

Painter’s tape for 4€ (5cm x 50m)

Painter's tape is suitable for various packing tasks during a move. You can use painter's tape to label rented moving boxes, and it's easy to write on it with a marker.

Delivery of moving boxes and supplies:

20,00€ per trip – Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Tuusula

25,00€ per trip – Järvenpää, Söderkulla, Kerava, Nikkilä, Klaukkala, Sipoo 

30,00€ per trip – Veikkola, Kirkkonummi, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen. For delivery outside these areas in Finland, the price can be negotiated separately.